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I’ve done Feldenkrais, ART, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupuncture, PRP, lots of chiropractors and more just to be able to walk again from old injuries. But Scott pulled it all together for me like no other approach. He has a gift to observe and identify what’s not working from a muscular mechanical perspective and trained me on how to overcome those issues. I now live with far less pain and move far more athletically than I have for more than a decade.
— Gerry, Entrepreneur, Mountain Biking Enthusiast
Scott’s skill in assessing the origin of pain and knowledge of healing techniques have made a profound difference in my prolonged healing from bi-lateral knee replacement surgery. He has literally turned hopelessness into pain relief and measurable progress to fully healing.
— Connie, Gardener, Performing Arts Supporter
Came to see Scott about an intolerable back pain I was having that wouldn’t allow me to sleep or continue my training with kickboxing. Scott was able to not only cure my intense pain but was also able to explain how I received it in the first place without me even telling him about what may have caused it. His knowledge is impressive and I would recommend him to anyone.
— Tigrin, Boxing Coach and Mixed Martial Artist
I really appreciate being able to collaborate with someone in your line of work. It’s rare to find a therapist willing and able to work with a trainer or coach to improve the movement patterns of an athlete.
— Chris, Strength and Conditioning Specialist